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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject A few introductory questions
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 01:11:54 GMT
I am trying to get JMeter to do the archiving I talked about previously. In 
trying to get it set up, I've run across a few things which I find 
confusing, and that I can't find answers for in the documentation:

1. What is the workbench for? Can anyone give me a usecase which would 
demonstrate why I'd use it?

2. Is there a difference between setting "Loop count = 1" and the once only 
controller? Would it be redundant to have the once only controller in that 

The next points have to do with the fact that my first page returns URLs of 
the format I 
want to replicate whatever appears in the xxxxx portion in the URLs of all 
other pages.

3. How do you set the regular expression that the HTTP Link Parser should 
use to extract values? It appears there is no user interface for setting 
it. Do you have to go in and edit the XML? If you do, what are the elements 
or attributes that are involved?

4.Is there any way to skip performing the regular expression check once a 
value has been found, but still use that value in other generators?

5. Is it ".*" or "*" to refer to the regular expression match? I've read 
conflicting comments.

6. Whichever is the correct format, does the wildcard match on the first () 
in the RE or does it just assume the URL format and parse the sections out?

6. When I specify the URLs that follow, do I include the Session ID in the 
URL itself, or do I specify it as a parameter? If as a parameter, then how 
can I specify a form that is posted while maintaining the Session ID in the 
URL as if it were a get (needed so that Apache can pass the request off to 
the Weblogic instance that is maintaining the session).

7. I added a "View Results" listener onto the ThreadGroup and then hit 
Start (even though I know it won't run properly because of the previous 
issues) and nothing ever shows up, not even a record of the first URL being 
hit. What's up with that?

Thanks to anyone who can offer me enlightenment on these issues.

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