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From Todd Grayson <>
Subject Re: Running jmeter-server/client in jmeter 1.6.1
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2001 19:27:31 GMT
Is any of this functionality implemented?  Even a "Simple" client to server
interaction does not work. Questions accumilated so far (and what i figured out)

in, how do you seperate multiple remote host entries in the
remote_hosts filed? (turns out its a comma)

in running jmeter-server, it appears there is a hard-coded log that is written to
the target c:\development\remote_jmeter.log    - is this a parameter that can be
modified (where?) or indeed, is it hard coded.

does rmiregistry have to be run on each system (client and server?)

does the classpath in the shell supporting the invoking of rmiregistry have to
contain the full path and filename for the ApacheJMeter.jar? or just a path to

Is the 1.7 beta better equipped for remote setup?  Is work still being done on


Todd Grayson wrote:

> As "simple" as java is... the documentation supporting
> jmeter 1.6.1 is very ambigious in terms of how to configure
> the jmeter-server, jmeter-client and jmeter together.  The
> documentation presents the idea that a number of remote
> clients can be controlled, but when attempting to use
> jmeter-client it appears that there is a missing class from
> the distribution (/org/apache/jmeter/RemoteDriver). Is this
> an un-implemented component in the 1.6.1 release?
> Todd
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