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From Nathan Fiedler <>
Subject how to deal with jsessionid cookie?
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 00:06:10 GMT
(this is the same problem as Michael had reported yesterday, but I'll
try to explain in my own words...)

I'm trying to load test our Java-based server, which uses the Jetty
servlet engine. With JMeter running as the proxy to record my browser
requests, our server is getting the requests and returning the response
to the browser. JMeter is recording all of the requests. However, JMeter
seems to be ignoring the jsessionid cookie header and so the URLs in
subsequent requests all contain the jsessionid as a CGI parameter. I had
hoped that the jsessionid cookie header would be used instead of the
url-rewriting. I am guessing that I want to do this to avoid rewriting
all of the URLs of the recorded requests, right?

My setup is as follows. I'm using JMeter nightly build for 12/19/01
running on Sun's JDK 1.3.1_01 on Linux. with the following tree of

+- Test Plan
|  +- ThreadGroup (10 threads)
|     +- Simple Controller
|     +- HTTP Cookie Manager
|     +- HTTP Header Manager
|        - User-Agent: Mozilla/4.78 [en] (X11; U; Linux 2.4.16 i686)
+- WorkBench
   +- HTTP Proxy Server

The header for User-Agent is there in an attempt to get the cookies
working, per Henrik's response to Michael's question yesterday. I've
tried putting both the cookie manager and header manager under the
simple controller, but that made no difference.

After the first set of requests the cookie manager shows no cookies.
What's more, the User-Agent header I have specified is not making it to
our server. Our server is seeing "Java1.3.1_01" as the user agent. I
wonder if this is the problem.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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