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From Mike Stover <>
Subject Re: jav exception while sampling
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 09:29:42 GMT
I have noticed in the past that if I use JMeter with a  lot of threads like 
that, that random exceptions like this crop up.  I have generally attributed 
it to the client JVM being unable to deal with that many sockets, but I 
really have no idea.  It might be the server making some connections wait too 
long for acknowledgement.  Or any number of other things.  

The only suggestion I have is try to find variables that affect this error.  
For instance, what if you change JVM's?  jdk1.2.2 vs jdk1.3 vs jdk1.3.1 vs 
IBM's JDK vs. the new JDK 1.4 beta, etc.  What if you install your web server 
on a more powerful machine?  What if you bump the Timer values to 2 or 3 
seconds?  What about Windows vs. Unix (for your JMeter client OS)?  Also, 
what if you run JMeter from 5 machines, each with only 20 threads?  Does that 
also result in the same errors?  If so, that would indicate a server 
problem.... (I'd suggest running JMeter remotely, but that isn't quite 
working yet...).


On Friday 03 August 2001 12:20, Raphael PIERONI wrote:
> while sampling an url (w/ a lot of access in little time (timers < 1 sec)  
> w/ many threads(60 in the same ThreadGroup) ) i commonly have that
> exception :
> no further information (code=10055)
> and the stack trace indicate :
> PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect
> PlainSocketImpl.doConnect
> PlainSocketImpl.connectToAddress
> PlainSocketImpl.connect
> Socket.<init>
> Socket.<init>
> NetworkClient.doConnect
> HTTPClient.openServer
> HTTPClient.openServer
> HTTPClient.<init>
> HTTPClient.<init>
> HTTPClient.New
> HTTPUrlConnection.connect
> and HTTPSampler.sample
> what is that bug ?
> is it comming because of the configuration of the os, from jmeter, from the
> server ??
> please help me
> take care
> Raphael Pieroni
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Mike Stover

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