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From <>
Subject Re: [Some Basic questions regarding JMeter.]
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 22:31:28 GMT

>1. Can I integrate JMeter to my Web Browser. I need to know the
>performance of an application I am developing and also need to integrate
>JMeter in my web browser in a different frame.
>So, basically, there are 2 frames. In one, my application is running. In
>other, the JMeter is running. I should be able to increase the number of
>users and see the performance graph of my application... all from the
>same place. I hope you understood my question.
well you can try... but if I were you I wouldn't do it:) And I cannot
understand why you need run performance testing tool in context of Browser???

>2. With JMeter, can I only increase the number of users and test the
>performance? Are there any other parameters I can monitor?
there is plenty parameters you can monitor, such as timeouts, count of
operations per second, average execution time, deviations, etc. But I guess
the only parameter you cannot monitor is a .. count of users:) you just set it

>3. Is JMeter Documentation available anywhere?
>4. Are there any samples to show how to make use of JMeter?
... who knows, my guess will be - no. But if I am mistaken I'd really
appreciate if somebody reffer me to it.

>Please answers these questions as quickly as you can as it is very
is it ASAP enought?:)


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