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From Bruce Barrett <>
Subject RE: Hi All, What to do in the beginning
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 17:20:37 GMT

At 11:48 AM -0400 6/13/01, wrote:
>Hey Mike,
>Thanks for responding. Send me if you have something for HTTP testing. Right
>now what I need is something that I can do with Jmeter so that I see it
>alive, in other words I wana see Jmeter doing something.
>After downloading, I have run the Jmeter batch from
>Jmeter\jakarta-jmeter\bin. It opens an Applet which shows Root with Test
>Plan and Work bench as explained in the Jmeter site. But what now? What do I
>have to do now to do HTTP testing. Can I do simple stuff by adding
>controllers to the threadgroup and hitting Start in Run


>or do I have to
>write code or what? That's the thing bothering me. In other words I need to
>see Apache Jmeter doing something, ie running some simple test cases and
>showing me some test results. Thats where I am stuck.

This is the minimal set of steps, I think... (Linux, if you care)
1. cd to ....  jakarta-jmeter\bin
2. ./jmeter &       {execute it from the current directory}
3. right-click test plan add ThreadGroup
4. toggle open the test plan
5. right-click ThreadGroup add Timer -> constant timer
6. toggle ThreadGroup; select constant timer
7. Set the time delay between: the completion of one series,
  and the start of the next series.
8. right-click ThreadGroup add controler -> Web testing
9. Select (*) HTTP; and "/" for path (no quotes)
10. right-click ThreadGroup add Listner -> Graph Results
11. Select Graph results.
12. Menu -> Run -> Start

Should start outputting.

13. Menu -> Run -> Stop

All the rest are variations on the theme :-)
Especially you can add more URL hits ti the existing "web testing"

Bruce Barrett
SW QA Manager

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