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From Chad La Joie <>
Subject Continual CA exceptions
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 14:36:36 GMT
I am still encountering an "unknown CA" exception when trying to use jmeter 
with an SSL enabled server.  Here is what I've done so for.

1.  Exported the servers public cert in DER format.
2.  I used keytool to import the cert into a keystore called jssecacerts in 
the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security directory.  I used jssecacerts because the 
JSSE install docs say this will be used over the default jdk certs.
3.  Restarted jmeter and tried to access the server and got the same exception.
4.  Passes java the"d:\jdk130\jre\lib\security\jssecacerts" to make 
sure it was finding the keystore I had created.
5.  Restarted jmeter and ran my test again, and again got the same exception.

Could some one who has actually gotten SSL working with jmeter please tell 
me what else I am missing?

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