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From "Nicholas Lesiecki" <>
Subject Problem With Saving...
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2001 00:09:19 GMT
Dear JMeter Users,

I am having an issue with saving my JMeter 1.6Alpha tests. According to the
documentation on Jakarta's website, I need to have Xerces installed and in
my classpath. When I put the Xercesjar in my classpath however, I would get
erratic program behavior: menu commands that formerly worked would display
an error saying that the command in question had not yet been implemented.
Putting the Xerces jar in the location specified by the documentation would
cause Jmeter to not launch from the provided .bat file. (I am running
Windows 2000) So I removed the xerces jar from both my classpath and both
saving and loading seemed to work, *but* there were problems with the loaded
thread groups. Timers and listeners had disappeared and my URL Samples had
added whitespace around their values causing the test not to run. Has anyone
else experienced similar problems or know of a fix?



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