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From Mike Stover <>
Subject Re: Help testing Servlet...
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:58:50 GMT
On Thursday 19 April 2001 21:29, Gamez, Eduardo M wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been trying to get JMeter configured in such a way to test our
> Servlet.  I have run into several problems.
> 1. Cookies/HTTP Session: The main thing that I have not been able to figure
> out is to setup JMeter to handle different http sessions.  In other words,
> we use cookies to store the http session for each user (this is stored
> within the browser when running the application normally).  Without this
> working I cannot test anything! The first servlet call creates a session if
> it does not find one.  Every call I make afterwards should have that same
> session id in order for it to work properly.  Is there any way to do this?

This is how JMeter works if you add a CookieManager to the ThreadGroup (in 
other words - at the top-most level possible).  You should also try getting 
the latest code from cvs as well.  There are several fixes that have been 
made since the alpha release.  

> 2. Including parameters in the Parameter Table: It does not seem to be
> taking these parameters.  Once I added these parameters to the Path then it
> started working.

I've noticed that the last value entered into the JTable is often not 
recognized unless you hit "Enter" after typing it in.  If anyone out there 
has a clue as to why this might be so, I'd love to know.

> 3. Saving: I went to File/Save and created a .jmx file.  I closed JMeter
> and when I ran it again I was not able to load that same file.  I selected
> the file and clicked on the Open button, but nothing happened.

I think Bruce answered this one pretty well....

> Thanks for any help...
> Eduardo
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Mike Stover

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