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From mike <>
Subject Re: running Jmeter...
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 00:38:55 GMT
To simulate multiple IP's, you'd need to run it distributed across several 
machines.  If your one machine has multiple NIC cards and multiple IP's, you 
may be able to figure out a way to simulate multiple IP's on the one machine, 
but it wouldn't have anything to do with configuring JMeter to do that - it'd 
have to do with you doing something clever (and I can't help with that since 
it's not something I know much about).

Simulating multiple users is something JMeter can do - but that's different 
from simulating multiple IP's.


On Tuesday 03 April 2001 14:59, you wrote:

> > Hi,
> I would run Jmeter from one NT WorkStation with multiples IP's. Can i run
> JMeter simulating various client IP from the same machine?
> Thanks.
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> Jorge Riobello Ruiz
> 945-017434
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Mike Stover

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