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From David Miller <>
Subject newbie question
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 00:23:24 GMT

this is a VERY basic question about how jmeter works, and also on a more

fundamental level how http works: i am hoping to use jmeter to test some

web pages that someone else has developed. i am primarily interested in
access times, and i'd ideally like to bore down into the web pages, for
example, time how long it takes to register a new user in my web
application. the registration process starts off with a splash screen,
then after making several button choices and entering some info, commit
the registration. can i do this with jmeter? in particular, how can i
tell jmeter to test my webapp by htting 1 url then another then another
in a well defined sequence? and how can i provide information to each of
the url screens as i go along? i can see
there is a place to enter POST or GET name/value pairs but i am not sure

how to use these name/value pairs and whether they provide a way to
navigate around my web application. also, it would be great to figure
out how to use jmeter to navigate
through APACHE's user authorization dialog boxes. any help or comments
or pointers to good reading material is most appreciated. thanks!


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