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From Timothy Stone <>
Subject newbie question: some clarification on writing scripts...
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 02:31:05 GMT
JMeter gurus,

I apologize for the vague phasing of my previous post to the list (see 
"newbie question: basic script writing help needed...").

I was a little more than frustrated with a client and the seemingly 
inability to document metrics and goals of the load tests; as well as the 
abandonment of support from project managers.

Having reviewed some posts in the JMeter archive from this year I 
understand that there is a way to do what I need, but I'm not familiar 
enough with the operation of JMeter and how it carries out it's tasks.

I'm attempting to load test an e-commerce application written for the ATG 
Dynamo platform. This application runs with an ORCL backend for data. 
Additionally the application makes XML calls to credit repositories with 
strict fail-over rules. Without getting into the details, basically 1.) a 
user logs on and 2.) chooses an application module. 3.) A series of 
screens are presented and various information must be filled out on each 
screen. 4.) Finally a recommendation is made and 5.) The user logs out.

The users session must be unique (no simultaneous logons of the same 
account are allowed).

So my need for help is related to how to construct a "script" that assigns 
each thread a unique id, steps through the application module to the end. 
There just isn't a good example in the documentation of such a script. 
Additionally related, are <select> values somehow supported in the tests? 
I thought through the POST/GET headers, but don't understand how JMeter is 
passing this information in the GUI.

Any help or reference is greatly appreciated.


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