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From mike <>
Subject Re: alias.localhost
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 17:54:59 GMT
JMeter doesn't use the alias property anymore.  It unfortunately wasn't 
removed from the properties file.  

However, I'm assuming you have the test samples saved to file - would it be 
possible to do a search and replace on those files?  They are simple XML, so 
any text editor would do the trick.  


On Monday 12 March 2001 22:15, you wrote:

> > I am trying to use the alias.localhost property in the
> file, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. I am running Apache
> Tomcat on my computer, and I usually access my pages via localhost:8080.
> JMeter runs fine when I put that url in my Advanced HTTP Tester samples,
> but how to I get JMeter to use alias.localhost? I need to be able to run
> JMeter at our client's site with their servers, and there are way too many
> samples to go through them all and re-type the host name. I thought that
> alias.localhost was supposed to provide a way around this.
> Does this property really work the way I think it does? How to I get JMeter
> to use it? Thanks.
> Dale Byington

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