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Subject [Bug 63015] Abnormal NoHttpResponseException when running request through proxy after a first failing request
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2018 15:23:38 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Philippe Mouawad <> ---
So issue is on JMeter side as per Oleg help.

To run a real proxy using Docker and squid:

git clone httpclient repository
then go to httpcomponents-client/httpclient5-testing/docker

cd apache-httpd
sudo docker build -t httpclient-tests-httpd .
sudo docker run --name my-httpclient-tests-httpd -p -p -d httpclient-tests-httpd:latest

= Squid 3.3 container

Remark: omit sudo command if executing as root
cd squid
sudo docker build -t httpclient-tests-squid .
sudo docker run --name my-httpclient-tests-squid --link
my-httpclient-tests-httpd:test-httpd -p -p
-d httpclient-tests-squid:latest

Indeed it works.

I think the fix is probably to disable KeepAlive when we sample the created
request from Proxy.

Thoughts ?

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