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Subject [Bug 62878] includecontroller.prefix fails when path separator not added
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2018 22:57:19 GMT

Andrew Burton <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Andrew Burton <> ---
Yes, I did think there might be a set of users who use the prefix in this way.

Looking at the other properties that use prefix or suffix, these seem to be
tied to the file's basename, not as part of a full pathname. So to have a
prefix implies you are enforcing a naming convention for how the included JMX
should be named, not specifying where it is located. That would be more
intuitive if it was called, say, includecontroller.path.

I definitely think being able to specify a path for included JMX files is
warranted, especially since the field is not programmable via the __P function.
And I think it is relatively *unintuitive* to have a single field  specifying a
path and optionally a prefix. The edge cases for trying to determine whether a
user meant a path or a path + prefix would be a pain to handle.

Would this bug report be better as a request for a new property
includecontroller.path. That way we can easily handle a user including/not
including a trailing path. The prefix would be string appended to the filename
and the full path built from that using the Java nio functions.

A message on the release notes to state the change.

Current users:
- users who put JMeter in the "expected" locations, and use the prefix as a way
of shortening the name in the filename field - these users would be unaffected.
- users who specify a path as the property - these users would be unaffected
(presumably they have already been caught by the original issue on trailing
file separators I reported)
- users who specify a path + first part of the filename - these users would be
affected. Without usage patterns it's difficult to know, but I imagine most
users of this property would fall into the first 2 categories.

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