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Subject [Bug 62426] Here are some Reduced ReportGenerator performance Code
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2018 07:24:32 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Allen <> ---
(In reply to Vladimir Sitnikov from comment #1)
> Allen, thanks for the suggestions, however could you please provide a
> reproducible test case so the performance fixes can be validated?
> Do you have profiling results that quantify the impact of the issues you
> mention?
Thanks for the reply, using simple textual descriptions to prove that
performance improvement is really difficult. 

I use the default condition generated csv result file as a test case file,
which is greater than 900MB, and my local CPU is i7-6600U, memory is 16GB,
window test command is :  Measure-Command {.\jmeter.bat-g D: \case.csv -o

you can observe the code is different, generate test report time will change. 

In my optimization proposal, except that the modifications of the
CSVSaveService and NormalizerSampleConsumer are more radical, other suggestions
are based on the language features of the Java code itself. 
The results are the same, and the performance is definitely improved. 

For the modifications of the CSVSaveService class and the
NormalizerSampleConsumer class, I only tested the csv file generated from the
default conditions. I believe that the code you write is so complicated and
there must be a reason, so I can't be 100% certain that my changes cover all
For example, include special characters and so on. 

So I just suggest that there is a csv file that can be judged to be generated
by default. If it is a simple csv file, then use a simple test report
generation program. 

If you need a very comprehensive test basis to prove that the modifications of
the CSVSaveService class and the NormalizerSampleConsumer class are harmless, I
really don't have this. Because the csv test file I generated cannot cover all
the scenarios and conditions.

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