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Subject [Bug 62390] jmeter threads use overloaded run method but not CachedThreadPool
Date Mon, 21 May 2018 05:43:46 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Srijon <> ---
Pausing/restarting is not fully implemented. I could not find a way to
implement pausing/restarting with the way threads is currently implemented in
jmeter. Current way jmeter threads are running in fire and forget mode, this
will execute load test fine, but cannot be paused.

But because there is lot of code written around this fire and forget mode of
multithreading, I want to just introduce CachedThreadPool in the first
iteration. If there are any complains from users it can be rolled back. There
are other ways to implement multithreading also which will support
pausing/restarting. This is my thinking, so I just tried to make one change.

But somehow build is failing, I am still not used to jmeter build process and
trying to understand the code and test cases around it. If you can help please

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