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Subject [Bug 60855] Use of default encoding: FileReader/Writer and InputStreamReader/OutputStreamWriter
Date Thu, 31 May 2018 12:00:07 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Greg <> ---
This bug makes properties files unusable for storing data in Central and Easter
European countries.

For example, a property containing an "é" (U+00E9) in the file
becomes "Ă©" (U+0102, U+00A9) during runtime. I suspect it's also because the
file is read from an InputStreamReader, instead of a Reader with UTF-8

The main problem is that, on the other hand, when reading properties from the
.jmx file, it's perfectly read in UTF-8. So I cannot convert ALL of my
properties from UTF-8-read-as-Latin-1 to real UTF-8, because I don't know where
has a property come from. That means I'm stuck with either using a .properties
file or the .jmx.

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