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Subject [Bug 62262] Drop "Use Keep-Alive" option altogether
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2018 14:06:38 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Michael Osipov <> ---
(In reply to UbikLoadPack support from comment #1)
> Maybe it should be renamed and inversed to "Don't reuse connection".
> In HC4 and Java impelementation, if it's true, then "Connection: close"
> would be added so that it's easier for newbies.

That would make sense, but would still be a little deceiving because if
hc.paramters is change for 1.0 there wouldn't be a way to add "Connection:
Keep-Alive" for HTTP/1.0 explicitly unless the header manager is used. Note
that this isn't a valid 1.1 header. So, for sanity, I'd drop it altogether to
avoid such issues.

> Also in, the below property should be documented to
> mention it only related to AJP:
> # Set the http version (defaults to 1.1)
> # Only used by AjpSampler
> httpclient.version=1.1

Likely, but I rather drop that code block to be consistent with the
HTTPSampler. This version 4.0 after all. One can still use 2.x or 3.x for
ancient stuff.

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