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Subject [Bug 61725] Response time table in dashboard report don't match with aggregate report
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2018 09:46:55 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Felix Schumacher <> ---
I have had time to look at the reported numbers and I think that we have two
problems here.

First is a that we have different algorithms for calculating the percentiles in
those two parts. The visualizer uses a discrete algorithm that uses the lowest
number, that is recorded and inside of the 90th percentile. The reporter
calculates a number, that lies on some thought point, where the 90th percentile
most probably would land, if all recorded numbers where following some ideal
curve. Therefore it is expected, that those values differ, even if it is not
what the users seem to expect.

Second, given the different algorithms, one could expect, that the calculated
percentile from the reporter would be "next" to the selected value from the
visualizer. This is not the case with the reported values. And this is because
the reporter seems to use the exclusive percentile, while the visualizer uses
the inclusive percentile.

As this is not the first report related to the usage of different algorithms
for calculating the percentiles, I think it would be most appropriate to
discuss this problem on the dev (or users) list and use one algorithm for both

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