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Subject [Bug 61962] Latency Vs Request graph does not exceed 1000 RPS
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2018 21:16:39 GMT

--- Comment #8 from Philippe Mouawad <> ---
Thanks for provided information.
Can I ask you to summarize what you customized ?
Usually properties should only be overriden in and should not be touched.

I suspect that the following settings might be a cause of your problem:

Why did you change them ?

To filter samplers, just use jmeter.reportgenerator.exporter.html.series_filter
and use Menu Help > Export Transactions for report

Also, if using 3.3, you don't need to set this unless you have an external
process that uses csv file generated by JMeter

Ensure you read :

Can you confirm you followed this:
 When using JMeter distributed mode with multiple jmeter-server instances,
ensure you add in your Thread Groups something that uniquely identifies
ThreadGroup for every JVM, example:


where you pass a different JVM_ID property for each jmeter-server through:


where i varies between 1 and the number of jmeter-server you are using. 

I'll investigate further following your answers.

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