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Subject [Bug 61901] Support for https.cipherSuites property
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:40:11 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Jeremy Arnold <> ---
I apologize for the confusion between System property vs JMeter property.  I
intended for this to be a System property (set in to match
the behavior of HttpsURLConnection / HttpClient.  But when I wrote the patch I
was following the example of https.socket.protocols, and thus used

Since JMeterUtils.loadJMeterProperties initializes its local properties using
"Properties p = new Properties(System.getProperties())", I believe the code
does work with System properties in addition to JMeter properties.  (In my
testing, I set the value in the file.)

I'd be happy to update the patch to use System.getProperty instead so this
value can only be set as a System property and not a JMeter property.  Please
let me know if that's your preference.

I haven't gotten completely to the bottom of the performance issue.  In my test
the JMeter system CPU was maxed out, primarily performing SSL handshakes.  I
wouldn't expect quite as big of a difference in CPU utilization between the two
cipher suites that were being used.  My suspicion was that one of them was
being hardware accelerated and the other not, but I have not yet confirmed

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