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Subject Bug report for JMeter [2017/12/03]
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2017 07:15:33 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker CRI=Critical  REG=Regression  MAJ=Major   |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor   NOR=Normal    ENH=Enhancement TRV=Trivial |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
|24480|New|Enh|2003-11-06|There is no good way to set checkbox based items u|
|29603|Opn|Enh|2004-06-16|Custom component developers need own resource bund|
|33305|New|Enh|2005-01-31|Visual diff and merge functionality for JMeter scr|
|33878|New|Enh|2005-03-07|Function caching as option                        |
|41921|New|Enh|2007-03-21|JDBC sampler : Add hashing of Data to avoid storin|
|42248|Opn|Enh|2007-04-25|Undo-redo support on Test Plan tree modification  |
|42867|Inf|Enh|2007-07-12|Only default parameters of Java Request Samplers a|
|43284|New|Enh|2007-09-02|Centralise use of ".jmx" and ".jtl" etc           |
|43380|New|Enh|2007-09-13|override "download embedded ressources" for all ht|
|43484|New|Nor|2007-09-26|Remote Statistical mode needs to collect min/max s|
|43549|New|Enh|2007-10-04|Enhancing FTP Request with chmod or other unix com|
|44420|New|Enh|2008-02-14|AccessLog Sampler - process session ids?          |
|45169|New|Nor|2008-06-09|SampleResult idleTime not always taken into accoun|
|45258|New|Enh|2008-06-23|Child sample handling by Assertions and Post-Proce|
|45267|New|Enh|2008-06-24|Feature request - loading property files from GUI |
|45268|New|Enh|2008-06-24|Add possibility to choose a set of defaults for sa|
|46237|New|Enh|2008-11-18|add skeleton-key http authentication to AccessLogS|
|47040|New|Enh|2009-04-16|OAuth Support                                     |
|47045|New|Enh|2009-04-17|JDBC Request .sql script file execution           |
|47587|New|Enh|2009-07-27|Proxy : Support semicolon separated parameters whe|
|48145|New|Enh|2009-11-05|Integrating DTrace with JMeter                    |
|49949|New|Enh|2010-09-17|Can't add fields to Multipart body headers        |
|49974|New|Enh|2010-09-22|Allow to pause and resume tests                   |
|50034|New|Enh|2010-10-01|Provide API for running JMeter                    |
|50580|New|Enh|2011-01-13|New Config element: TabularDataSet                |
|51092|New|Enh|2011-04-20|Allow to store the content of the "View Results Tr|
|51128|New|Enh|2011-04-27|Feature request: JMeter lacks general pre-processo|
|51140|New|Enh|2011-05-02|Possibility to provide a specific error/failure me|
|51480|New|Nor|2011-07-06|ConstantThroughputTimer in shared mode all threads|
|51818|New|Enh|2011-09-15|Connection between displayed element in Results Tr|
|51822|Inf|Enh|2011-09-15|Selecting a node triggers too many gui (JMeterGUIC|
|51938|New|Enh|2011-10-03|ClientJMeterEngine can leave server in busy state |
|51983|New|Enh|2011-10-06|Nested sampler approach needs review              |
|52031|New|Enh|2011-10-14|Allow BSF and JSR223 test elements to share interp|
|52131|New|Enh|2011-11-03|Eliminate JmeterKeyStore and simplify code        |
|52199|New|Enh|2011-11-16|Http Mock Server & Http Callback Assertions       |
|52273|New|Enh|2011-12-01|Add FTPS Sampler (using FTP sampler GUI)          |
|52274|New|Enh|2011-12-01|Add SFTP Sampler (using FTP sampler GUI)          |
|52307|New|Enh|2011-12-09|Add sample numbering option to View Results Tree  |
|52358|New|Enh|2011-12-19|Does SampleResult config field have to be saved to|
|52506|New|Enh|2012-01-23|Consider moving some property files to jars       |
|52596|New|Enh|2012-02-03|Feature Request - Allow Thread Groups to be organi|
|52948|New|Enh|2012-03-20|Enhance FTP Sampler/Jmeter client to support for P|
|52959|New|Enh|2012-03-21|Option to toggle all other samples, thread groups,|
|52989|New|Enh|2012-03-27|JMeter client(OS enabled IPv4 & IPv6) couldn't con|
|53159|Inf|Enh|2012-04-28|Enable parallel execution of Sampler for Same user|
|53170|New|Enh|2012-05-01|Add a FormFiller to process Forms with dynamic fie|
|53277|New|Enh|2012-05-22|HashTree can theoretically drop elements          |
|53317|New|Enh|2012-05-29|Add an option to pause rampup                     |
|53457|New|Enh|2012-06-22|Could use System.console() for password prompting |
|53540|Opn|Nor|2012-07-12|HTTP Cache Manager - 304 not modified on the main |
|53628|New|Enh|2012-07-31|Feature Request  -Jmeter does not support Soap Req|
|53648|New|Enh|2012-08-02|Add ability to read cookies from access log in Acc|
|53739|New|Enh|2012-08-19|Summariser: allow delta to be logged more often th|
|53748|Inf|Enh|2012-08-20|timer for the access log sampler                  |
|53795|New|Enh|2012-08-29|Simplify passing data from setUp thread group     |
|53804|New|Enh|2012-08-31|FileServer should fix hasHeader setting when creat|
|53813|New|Enh|2012-09-02|FileServer - should it allow multiple instances?  |
|53815|New|Enh|2012-09-02|FileServer synchronisation is rather crude        |
|53825|New|Enh|2012-09-03|StatCalculator#getDistribution & DistributionGraph|
|53833|New|Enh|2012-09-05|Enable using the same ConnectionFactory for Multip|
|53848|New|Enh|2012-09-10|HTTP embedded URLs - provide negative regex matchi|
|53857|New|Enh|2012-09-11|Save-button should be disabled (greyed out), if no|
|53878|New|Enh|2012-09-15|Thread Groups Defaults                            |
|53894|New|Enh|2012-09-19|Heartbeat function for jMeter running as slave in |
|53973|Inf|Enh|2012-10-05|Enhance XPATH Extractor to support multiple field |
|53976|Opn|Enh|2012-10-06|Add a way to clear a Cookie on demand             |
|54005|Opn|Enh|2012-10-14|HTTP Mirror Server : Add special headers "X-" to c|
|54153|New|Enh|2012-11-15|SampleSender should take into account SaveService |
|54156|New|Nor|2012-11-15|DurationAssertion does not seem to make difference|
|54176|Opn|Enh|2012-11-20|Regular expression markers `\Q` `\E` doesn't work |
|54333|New|Enh|2012-12-20|Ability to suppress generation of specific samples|
|54434|Opn|Enh|2013-01-16|Add possibility to save ByteMessage content in the|
|54449|New|Min|2013-01-18|HTTPS requests using HC4 hang for 4-5 seconds when|
|54478|New|Reg|2013-01-24|Wrong response time with mode=Statistical and num_|
|54481|Opn|Nor|2013-01-24|Transaction Controller in "Generate Parent Sample"|
|54525|New|Enh|2013-02-05|Search Feature : Enhance it with ability to replac|
|54717|Inf|Enh|2013-03-18|BatchSampleSender/StatisticalSampleSender slows th|
|54784|Inf|Enh|2013-04-02|can't use keyboard to Add elements with right-clic|
|54884|Inf|Enh|2013-04-24|Add up/down system in Response Assertion to move p|
|54885|New|Enh|2013-04-24|Add a Status to listeners to allow disabling them |
|55099|New|Enh|2013-06-13|ResultSaver should create intermediate directories|
|55168|New|Enh|2013-07-01|Documentation : Clarify Response Time or Elapsed T|
|55256|New|Enh|2013-07-12|Better url-param and body handling                |
|55375|Opn|Nor|2013-08-07|StackOverflowError with ModuleController in Non-GU|
|55457|New|Enh|2013-08-20|Allow JMeter variables in JUnit Request sampler's |
|55510|New|Min|2013-08-31|In distributed testing : totalThreads always show |
|55532|New|Enh|2013-09-06|Proxy recorder should create the sample before exe|
|55564|New|Enh|2013-09-17|"Clear All" for Aggregate Graph is not clearing th|
|55756|Opn|Enh|2013-11-07|HTTP Mirror Server : Add ability to set Headers   |
|55827|New|Nor|2013-11-28|Iteration over a view on a synchronized collection|
|55840|New|Enh|2013-12-03|Enhancement For XPathExtractor                    |
|55913|New|Enh|2013-12-19|Create a test case to compare performances of html|
|56103|New|Enh|2014-02-03|Need ability to override "Retrieve All Embedded Re|
|56141|Inf|Maj|2014-02-15|Application does not behave correctly when using H|
|56150|New|Nor|2014-02-18|On using scroll, the element list for thread group|
|56159|New|Nor|2014-02-19|Spurious notification that the test plan has chang|
|56161|New|Nor|2014-02-19|Data is corrupted on PUT request when not using 10|
|56163|New|Enh|2014-02-19|HTTP Cache Manager only sends If-None-Match header|
|56197|New|Maj|2014-02-27|HTTP Request Component fails to Send File with the|
|56359|New|Enh|2014-04-07|There should be a way to sample and stream respons|
|56368|New|Enh|2014-04-08|Create and Deploy source and javadoc artifacts to |
|56376|New|Reg|2014-04-09|When using Distributed Testing 'HTTP URL Re-writin|
|56432|New|Enh|2014-04-19|MailReaderSampler - implement connection and socke|
|56538|New|Nor|2014-05-17|Mail reader sampler: "Aggregate Report" returns ra|
|56539|Opn|Nor|2014-05-17|Mail reader sampler: When Number of messages to re|
|56540|New|Enh|2014-05-17|Mail reader sampler/IMAP enhancement:  getting the|
|56630|New|Nor|2014-06-16|Module Controller does not work properly in includ|
|56772|New|Enh|2014-07-25|Handle IE Conditional comments when parsing embedd|
|56816|New|Maj|2014-08-05|Assigning null to a BeanShell variable in a JSR223|
|56847|Inf|Enh|2014-08-13|Setting variables in runtime enhancement          |
|56862|New|Enh|2014-08-15|Unfriendly error message for configuration errors |
|56877|New|Enh|2014-08-21|CSVDataSet does not trim spaces in <filename>.csv |
|56961|New|Enh|2014-09-11|Add 'Start from line', 'Step by' parameters to CSV|
|56963|New|Enh|2014-09-11|JMS GUIs could be made more consistent            |
|56979|New|Nor|2014-09-12|Cannot send "*" as OPTIONS URL; it is converted to|
|56983|New|Nor|2014-09-15|View Results Tree:When reloading results from XML,|
|57013|New|Enh|2014-09-24|use multiple bytes to define the termination of re|
|57015|New|Enh|2014-09-24|JMeter point-to-point sampler doesn't allow to pro|
|57039|New|Maj|2014-09-29|Inconsistency with the undo/redo log              |
|57040|New|Nor|2014-09-29|Save changes prompt appear even once all changes w|
|57043|New|Nor|2014-09-29|Undo/Redo is called "abusively" and has very bad i|
|57188|New|Nor|2014-11-05|HTTPSampler : PUT request with file is performed w|
|57258|New|Enh|2014-11-25|address coordinated omission latency reporting ris|
|57266|Inf|Enh|2014-11-26|using executeQuery() method  for CallableStatement|
|57277|New|Enh|2014-11-28|Make FileServer set a new property called 'base.di|
|57382|New|Min|2014-12-21|HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder : When "Save Workbenc|
|57491|New|Nor|2015-01-24|AJP Sample GUI includes timeout fields but these a|
|57493|New|Enh|2015-01-25|Create a documentation page for properties        |
|57539|Inf|Enh|2015-02-05|Secure Sockets (SSL) for TCP Sampler              |
|57541|New|Enh|2015-02-05|TrustAllSSLSocketFactory could be a singleton; is |
|57545|Inf|Enh|2015-02-06|Failed samples and aggregate report               |
|57578|New|Enh|2015-02-12|HTTPRequest : When md5 is checked Embedded Resourc|
|57633|Inf|Enh|2015-02-25|HTTP Request : provide a way to not compute MD5 no|
|57640|New|Enh|2015-02-26|Add ability to modify load while a test is running|
|57672|New|Enh|2015-03-07|Drop Oro dependency and switch to Java Regexp     |
|57679|Inf|Enh|2015-03-09|Summary Report # Samples counter rolls over and ca|
|57689|New|Enh|2015-03-11|Impossibility to parameterize the Scheduler on Thr|
|57717|New|Enh|2015-03-16|make HTTP sampler to check certificate on SSL/TLS |
|57730|New|Enh|2015-03-20|SampleEvent  for TransactionSampler: isTransaction|
|57735|New|Enh|2015-03-22|Build : Add a step to check transitive Maven depen|
|57737|New|Enh|2015-03-22|Constant Throughput Timer : Make sleep accept nano|
|57787|New|Nor|2015-04-02|The Once Only controller behaves correctly under a|
|57886|Inf|Nor|2015-05-04|Connect Time affected by file upload size         |
|57910|New|Nor|2015-05-09|CSV DataSet thread and thread group sharing might |
|57912|New|Enh|2015-05-10|Start No Pause should be available on command line|
|57962|Opn|Enh|2015-05-28|BackendListener: Allow implementations to get samp|
|58014|New|Nor|2015-06-09|Counter config under Random/Interleave controller |
|58108|New|Nor|2015-07-06|use sampler.toString() in BeanShell PreProcessor  |
|58182|Inf|Enh|2015-07-28|All Thread Groups do not start at the same time   |
|58183|New|Min|2015-07-28|Threads continue to build post ramp up time.      |
|58186|New|Enh|2015-07-28|Standard JMS properties in JMS Publisher or JMS Po|
|58234|New|Enh|2015-08-11|auto-save feature                                 |
|58274|New|Enh|2015-08-22|Remove split methods from JOrphanUtils            |
|58276|New|Enh|2015-08-24|Relativize include paths                          |
|58277|New|Enh|2015-08-24|Auto rename include controllers                   |
|58279|New|Enh|2015-08-24|Allow custom HTTP Sampler                         |
|58290|New|Enh|2015-08-27|Provide way to access jmeter-server via HTTP calls|
|58302|New|Enh|2015-08-30|Recording interrupt in the sample response        |
|58345|New|Enh|2015-09-08|Throughput controller percent settings - applying |
|58415|New|Nor|2015-09-15|JMeter.bat fails if JMETER_BIN is set and bin fold|
|58506|New|Enh|2015-10-19|JMS Point-to-point sampler should offer an async u|
|58609|New|Enh|2015-11-13|JMeter support for gzip for requests when content-|
|58613|Inf|Min|2015-11-16|Generate Summary Results including setupTime      |
|58679|Opn|Maj|2015-12-02|Replace the xpp pull parser in xstream with a java|
|58704|Opn|Nor|2015-12-08|Non regression testing : Ant task batchtest fails |
|58752|Opn|Enh|2015-12-18|HTTP Cookies couldn't be changed dynamically when |
|58757|New|Enh|2015-12-20|Fix deprecated methods of HTTPCLIENT after migrati|
|58780|New|Enh|2015-12-29|Module controller: Add automatic name change      |
|58797|New|Enh|2016-01-04|TableEditor could be multiline                    |
|58807|Inf|Nor|2016-01-05|https.use.cached.ssl.context=false is broken      |
|58810|New|Enh|2016-01-06|Config Element Counter:  Check Boxes Toggle Area T|
|58830|New|Enh|2016-01-09|Documentation : Add examples for each function wit|
|58846|Inf|Enh|2016-01-13|Execution of Jmeter scripts using cucumber        |
|58937|New|Enh|2016-01-29|View Results Tree: Improve parameters display even|
|58938|New|Enh|2016-01-29|Ability to compare requests/responses side by side|
|58939|Inf|Enh|2016-01-29|View Results Tree : Add ability to drop selected n|
|58940|New|Enh|2016-01-29|Add ability to create a Regexp Extractor from a se|
|58959|New|Enh|2016-02-02|Report/Dashboard: Property "|
|59000|New|Enh|2016-02-12|Prevent mixed CSV columns                         |
|59012|New|Enh|2016-02-16|JMeter distributed test does not have capability t|
|59041|New|Enh|2016-02-22|Capability to generate summary report for mode Dis|
|59042|New|Nor|2016-02-22|build.xml should delete all versions of obsolete j|
|59047|New|Enh|2016-02-22|Http sampler : Redirect configuration is hard to u|
|59052|Opn|Min|2016-02-23|jmeter.bat don't use the JM_LAUNCH to test java ve|
|59080|New|Enh|2016-02-26|Tests : Add Test Plans for bugs                   |
|59084|New|Enh|2016-02-27|Don't create new Exceptions                       |
|59091|New|Enh|2016-03-01|JMeter should report incompatible command-line opt|
|59101|Inf|Nor|2016-03-02|Wrong behavior with no keepalive when using JAVA I|
|59131|New|Enh|2016-03-06|JLabeledChoice isn't localized (L10N)             |
|59155|New|Enh|2016-03-09|All tables in JMeter Test Element GUIs should allo|
|59168|New|Enh|2016-03-11|Implement HiDPI                                   |
|59169|New|Nor|2016-03-11|ModuleController loses the reference to target con|
|59185|New|Enh|2016-03-17|SavePropertyDialog.setSaveConfig/getSaveConfig not|
|59205|Ver|Nor|2016-03-21|Connect time metric in "View Results Tree" is alwa|
|59223|New|Maj|2016-03-23|Stack overflow in Random Controller/Interleave Con|
|59241|New|Nor|2016-03-27|BackendListener should not be aware of a particula|
|59244|New|Enh|2016-03-29|WS-Security for SOAP requests                     |
|59245|New|Enh|2016-03-29|JMS Point to Point custom request headers         |
|59265|New|Min|2016-04-03|totalThreads + activeThreads + warnIndicator toolt|
|59281|New|Enh|2016-04-06|Remove border of testTimeDuration in MainFrame    |
|59389|New|Enh|2016-04-27|Scripting productivity : add ability in JMeter to |
|59429|New|Enh|2016-05-04|Log a message if Continue not selected and error o|
|59436|New|Nor|2016-05-07|JMeter tests should not use a special version of j|
|59440|New|Min|2016-05-08| cause|
|59441|New|Enh|2016-05-08|Consider dropping docs from SVN                   |
|59448|New|Enh|2016-05-10|Allow Constant Throughput Controller to be disable|
|59614|New|Enh|2016-05-22|Ability to getSamplerCreator by header fields othe|
|59632|New|Maj|2016-05-25|HTML format the "Failed to Parse HTML : NULL" erro|
|59633|Opn|Nor|2016-05-25|"Save As" Function does not change to new saved fi|
|59696|New|Enh|2016-06-13|Suppress output of GET HTTP Requests              |
|59751|New|Reg|2016-06-24|GUI language settings in without e|
|59831|Inf|Enh|2016-07-08|Copy request, response and assertion to transactio|
|59847|New|Enh|2016-07-13|Support HTTP/2 protocol                           |
|59896|New|Enh|2016-07-24|Report / Dashboard : Add a menu entry to generate |
|59941|New|Enh|2016-08-04|Paste-button should be disabled , if nothing were |
|59943|Opn|Nor|2016-08-04|Problem with Node order using HtmlParsingUtils.get|
|59952|New|Enh|2016-08-05|Expose DNS and SSL Handshake time                 |
|59973|Opn|Min|2016-08-11|Issue with XML version in JTL files               |
|59976|New|Enh|2016-08-11|View Results Tree : Text renderer : it should be p|
|59977|New|Enh|2016-08-11|View Results Tree : It should be possible to also |
|59995|Inf|Enh|2016-08-12|Allow user to change font size with 2 new menu ite|
|60015|Inf|Nor|2016-08-18|Multipart/form-data works only for POST using HTTP|
|60051|New|Enh|2016-08-27|jmeter-server: port and log file parameter cannot |
|60052|New|Enh|2016-08-27|jmeter-server listen address to bind              |
|60069|New|Enh|2016-08-30|SamplerCreatorFactory.getSamplerCreator has two un|
|60104|New|Enh|2016-09-10|SetUp and TearDown at Thead group level           |
|60120|Opn|Nor|2016-09-12|JMeter 3.0 HTTP Request POST parameters are silent|
|60148|New|Nor|2016-09-19|Proxy recorder doesn't cancel pending requests whe|
|60149|Inf|Nor|2016-09-19|Report / Dashboard : If granularity is below 1 sec|
|60190|Inf|Nor|2016-09-29|Content-Type is added for POST unconditionally    |
|60198|New|Enh|2016-10-03|Add metrics to the dashboard graphs               |
|60204|New|Enh|2016-10-05|Add a TPS and Latency combination grap to the dash|
|60231|New|Enh|2016-10-10|XPath and namespaces : Avoid additional file      |
|60233|New|Enh|2016-10-10|TableEditor could propose a restricted mode that a|
|60236|New|Nor|2016-10-10|ThroughputController does not give same results de|
|60250|Ver|Nor|2016-10-13|Need to Add Sent KB/s in Statistics Report of HTML|
|60264|New|Enh|2016-10-17|Module Controllers Able To Select From Other Exter|
|60274|New|Enh|2016-10-18|Add Controller similar to interleave controller to|
|60291|Inf|Enh|2016-10-21|Add ability to add comments/remarks to Dashboard R|
|60298|New|Enh|2016-10-22|UX : When creating a new test plan, add a Thread G|
|60303|Inf|Nor|2016-10-25|Console print Exception message after inputing Chi|
|60335|New|Enh|2016-11-03|Add a script for doing proxy recordings in non-gui|
|60336|New|Enh|2016-11-03|SaveService: output JMX from JMeterTreeNode or JMe|
|60338|Ver|Maj|2016-11-03|Dashboard does not show correct number of threads |
|60424|New|Nor|2016-11-27|JMeter inserts 0x0D before 0x0A automatically (htt|
|60464|New|Enh|2016-12-11|Create a new Recorder less tightly coupled with un|
|60476|New|Enh|2016-12-13|View Results Tree: Request Tab with HTTP Tab selec|
|60477|New|Enh|2016-12-13|Have an asynchronous equivalent of Generate Summar|
|60495|New|Enh|2016-12-18|Add mocking framework to ease/enable more testing |
|60544|New|Enh|2017-01-03|Factor our common code between HttpTestSampleGui a|
|60546|Unc|Nor|2017-01-03|Bypass ssl certificate                            |
|60606|New|Enh|2017-01-19|support kafka                                     |
|60610|New|Enh|2017-01-19|Fix the FIXME                                     |
|60612|New|Enh|2017-01-19|Review and remove TODO                            |
|60649|Inf|Nor|2017-01-26|HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder: wrong postdata      |
|60657|New|Nor|2017-01-26|Slow connection feature slows too much with HTTPS |
|60668|Inf|Enh|2017-01-31|Sub optimal regular expressions makes JMeter freez|
|60686|New|Enh|2017-02-03|Generate Report Dashboard from XML log files      |
|60696|Inf|Nor|2017-02-06|SPNEGO always canonicalizes host names, Option to |
|60705|New|Min|2017-02-07|Aggregate Report: Column titles for percentiles in|
|60714|Inf|Nor|2017-02-09|java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input le|
|60756|New|Nor|2017-02-21|Module Controller included in a Thread Group with |
|60774|New|Enh|2017-02-25|HTML Assertion element does not handle HTML5 valid|
|60782|New|Nor|2017-02-27|HTTP Request : Parameters are ignored in PUT reque|
|60816|New|Enh|2017-03-03|View Results Tree may freeze rendering large respo|
|60821|New|Enh|2017-03-05|Replace current custom ProxyControl/Proxy implemen|
|60834|New|Enh|2017-03-08|Filter responses in results tree                  |
|60855|New|Nor|2017-03-13|Use of default encoding: FileReader/Writer and Inp|
|60856|New|Enh|2017-03-13|Unused classes: Generator & StandardGenerator     |
|60861|New|Enh|2017-03-14|__StringFromFile enhanced to restart the reading w|
|60917|New|Enh|2017-03-24|Load Test with embedded resources download : Hits |
|60922|New|Nor|2017-03-27|AccessLogSampler returns error result when EOF is |
|60929|New|Enh|2017-03-28|Feature request: Support for V8 Engine as a script|
|60934|New|Enh|2017-03-29|Feature request: add tabs                         |
|60935|New|Enh|2017-03-29|Feature request: Add "unsaved changes" indicator  |
|60986|New|Enh|2017-04-13|CookieManager User-defined cookies aren't saved as|
|60987|New|Enh|2017-04-13|Make setting variables predictable                |
|60991|New|Enh|2017-04-14|XPath Extractor : Implement XPath 2.0             |
|61024|New|Nor|2017-04-21|Embedded resource download with recursive call can|
|61026|Ver|Nor|2017-04-22|Cannot run program "keytool": CreateProcess error=|
|61058|New|Nor|2017-05-01|HTTP Request : Deflate triggers "Unexpected end of|
|61087|New|Enh|2017-05-12|Stripping Mode only strips response data not reque|
|61118|New|Nor|2017-05-23|Save Responses to File generates bad paths and nam|
|61123|New|Enh|2017-05-24|Influx measurement name                           |
|61130|New|Enh|2017-05-27|Percentile and Median : Document algorithms used  |
|61141|Inf|Nor|2017-06-01|The option "Dereference aliases"&"Return object" d|
|61186|Inf|Enh|2017-06-14|Supporting import test fragments from outside jmx.|
|61254|New|Nor|2017-07-06|Summariser : Active thread count in is not correct|
|61262|New|Nor|2017-07-07|__StringFromFile function doesn't read file in a l|
|61285|New|Nor|2017-07-13|SMTP Sampler doesn't configure localhost name     |
|61358|New|Enh|2017-07-29|Replace deprecated RandomStringUtils by  commons-t|
|61387|New|Nor|2017-08-07|plus + not supported in e-mail addresses          |
|61455|New|Enh|2017-08-25|pass value for TestPlan.SERIALIZE_THREADGROUPS thr|
|61458|New|Enh|2017-08-26|HTML Report : Reorganize hierarchy and add an opti|
|61466|New|Enh|2017-08-28|Adding samplers comment to SamplerResult could be |
|61486|New|Enh|2017-09-04|Make jmeter-server and non GUI mode run headless  |
|61513|New|Enh|2017-09-11|CSV data set config should be able to load file fr|
|61521|New|Nor|2017-09-15|while controller stackoverflow exception          |
|61529|New|Enh|2017-09-17|Migration to Java 9                               |
|61567|Opn|Nor|2017-09-27|JMeter test ran through JUnit fails within maven-s|
|61622|New|Nor|2017-10-16|HTTP Authorization Manager: Colon in Username is n|
|61623|New|Min|2017-10-16|When calling  "Duplicate" on a Thread Group that c|
|61626|Opn|Enh|2017-10-17|__splitString behaviour is not intuitive and docum|
|61635|New|Enh|2017-10-19|Add a menu to restart JMeter                      |
|61643|New|Enh|2017-10-22|Header Manager : Add ability to move headers up an|
|61657|New|Enh|2017-10-24|JSR223 Test Elements : Have code completion       |
|61663|New|Enh|2017-10-25|Add Dead lock detection                           |
|61664|New|Nor|2017-10-25|HTTP Authorization Manager : Digest works only wit|
|61669|Inf|Maj|2017-10-26|HTTP sampler can't explain file with Chinese chara|
|61674|New|Enh|2017-10-27|Introduce global Variables shared accross threads |
|61697|Opn|Enh|2017-10-30|Introduce Darcula Look And Feel to make JMeter UI |
|61705|New|Enh|2017-10-31|CSV DataSet : It should be easier to get a random |
|61708|New|Enh|2017-11-01|Scripting elements : It would be nice to link imme|
|61711|New|Enh|2017-11-02|Add JSR223 Logic Controller                       |
|61714|Inf|Enh|2017-11-02|Grafana config example obsolete                   |
|61725|Inf|Nor|2017-11-06|Response time table in dashboard report don't matc|
|61729|New|Nor|2017-11-06|File name validation doesn't check for using not a|
|61732|New|Enh|2017-11-07|XOP support to handle SOAP requests with attachmen|
|61737|Inf|Enh|2017-11-08|Upgrade MD5Hex Assertion to Digest Assertion      |
|61743|Inf|Enh|2017-11-10|Limit amount of data sent by distributed Node     |
|61748|New|Enh|2017-11-11|Add ability to send compressed request            |
|61753|Inf|Nor|2017-11-14|Jmeter proxy server encodes the request sent to se|
|61755|New|Enh|2017-11-14|Run : Have "Run Configuration" similar to Eclipse |
|61759|New|Enh|2017-11-14|New __changeCase function                         |
|61767|New|Enh|2017-11-15|Append automatically timestamp to results file    |
|61769|New|Enh|2017-11-16|View Results Tree: Use syntax highlighter in XPath|
|61771|New|Enh|2017-11-16|SwitchController : Switch field should be trimmed |
|61788|New|Enh|2017-11-20|JMS Point to Point: We should be able to send diff|
|61789|New|Enh|2017-11-20|JMS Publisher : Be able to send Stream Message and|
|61793|New|Maj|2017-11-21|body data和察看结果树的请求数据不能|
|61801|New|Enh|2017-11-22|New function : Allow easy HEX and Base64 encode / |
|61802|New|Enh|2017-11-22|Loop / ForEach Controller should expose a variable|
|61805|Inf|Enh|2017-11-23|Allow simple HTTP request                         |
|61806|New|Enh|2017-11-23|Allow to use setIgnore() in post processor and ass|
|61812|New|Enh|2017-11-24|Finder : Make search select the first match and be|
|61813|New|Enh|2017-11-24|Add a way to execute a finally step when error occ|
|61814|New|Enh|2017-11-24|Hanging test due to no timeout set / hanging sampl|
|61815|New|Enh|2017-11-24|Assertions execution should follow the same order |
|61819|New|Enh|2017-11-26|Allow sampler timeout on all Samplers (including S|
|61822|New|Enh|2017-11-27|JDBC Connection Configuration : Add a test button |
|61823|New|Enh|2017-11-27|Make RandomDate work also with Time or introduce R|
|61826|New|Min|2017-11-28|JMS Point To Point : 2 JMS P2P where 1st one is li|
|61828|New|Nor|2017-11-28|Clear cookieManager manager will result null on su|
|61830|New|Enh|2017-11-28|JMS : GUIs should be normalized and improved      |
|61834|New|Enh|2017-11-29|Function Helper Dialog : Improve test             |
|61835|New|Nor|2017-11-30|ConstantThroughputTimer in shared mode can't contr|
|61839|New|Blk|2017-12-01|Jmeter not taking REST API response of type hal+js|
|61842|New|Maj|2017-12-01|Saving with no changes causes a save and duplicate|
|61845|New|Enh|2017-12-01|New Component JSON Assertion                      |
| Total  350 bugs                                                           |

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