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Subject [Bug 61759] New __changeCase function
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2017 19:10:12 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Graham Russell <> ---
What is the use case for these? I'd prefer separate functions i.e.:

__toUpper(string, outputVarName)
__toLower(string, outputVarName)

I think we could have
__capitalise(string, outputVarName)

but it is a bit ambiguous, does it mean just the first letter, or for each
sentence or "fully" i.e. each letter after whitespace?

Camel case doesn't seem a common use case to warrant adding, I could be wrong,
what did you have in mind? It seems to me ambiguous and hard to implement, what
sort of camel case would it apply to "thiscouldbecamelcased" as I'd expect
"thisCouldBeCamelCased", but this woudn't be possible to implement well,
especially across languages.

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