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Subject [Bug 61709] SampleResult : Add a method setIgnore() to make JMeter ignore the SampleResult and not send it to listeners
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2017 15:34:42 GMT

--- Comment #3 from ---
@Philippe Mouawad


I find this new method really usefull for me !!! 
But I want to use it some time in PostProcessor or Assertion script but it's
not possible. 

Are you Ok if I add a new test in JMeterThread to check this property just
before send result to listener ?

checkAssertions(pack.getAssertions(), result, threadContext);
if ( !result.isIgnore() ) {
   // Do not send subsamples to listeners which receive the transaction sample
   List<SampleListener> sampleListeners = getSampleListeners(pack,
transactionPack, transactionSampler);
   notifyListeners(sampleListeners, result);

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