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Subject [Bug 61567] JMeter is that it wants to have a library in classpath with exact name of "ApacheJMeter_functions.jar"
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 13:53:52 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Serhiy <> ---
Sorry for confusion. I have copied file to teh other
location. So it has nothing to do with the behavior of the code.

I have attached demo project. Unzip it, edit pom.xml and
src\main\java\mytst\tst1\ to specify correct JMeter home. After this
run "mvn package". 

In the log you will see that everything is fine and one of the log lines will
be following:
Starting thread group... number=1 threads=2 ramp-up=1 perThread=500.0

Now go back to pom.xml and comment out dependency to
"${jmeter.home}/lib/ext/ApacheJMeter_functions.jar" and uncomment maven
dependency which has to be downloaded from Maven repo. Run "mvn package" again. 

In the logs you will see following
 Starting thread group... number=1 threads=0 ramp-up=1 perThread=Infinity

As you see the difference is that with "ApacheJMeter_functions.jar" it was
"threads=2" but with "ApacheJMeter_functions-3.3.jar" you get "threads=0". But
two jars are binary equal(I have checked this) and the only difference is their
name.In the jmeter script I am setting "ThreadGroup.num_threads" to
${__P(xxx,2)} which is function.

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