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Subject [Bug 61556] Performance regression with IfController and JS, Groovy evaluations
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 13:05:29 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Justin McCartney <> ---
Hi Philippe,


I verified again and the (3.2 default included) groovy jar is definitely
removed.  The only Groovy jar on the class path is groovy-all-2.4.7.jar.  I
re-executed the test with 3.2 and received the same result, OOM metaspace.

I see that your Jmeter docs you linked to do actually mention not to be use
variable replacement for Groovy scripts which is good.  However, I think this
should be added to the IfController docs as it should be clearer there that
using variable replacement will have a negative impact on performance.  Also
some examples could be provided to give clarity on the correct syntax to use.

The function help for __groovy could also do with this information.

There seem to be other metaspace bugs against later versions of Groovy, e.g.:


I currently haven't got a simple test that shows the problems we encountered
with our long running load tests in 3.2 vs earlier Jmeter.  I will try and
re-execute the tests, but I might not get a slot to execute the tests until
early next week.  I would ignore anything related to JS until then.

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