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Subject [Bug 61375] http proxy server request fails when DNS manager custom resolver enabled
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 12:13:25 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Felix Schumacher <> ---
(In reply to JJ Welch from comment #5)
> I use the software package called "Charles Proxy", . I
> could try this with Fiddler on a windows machine as well.
> I was thinking that there could be a logical test in the code that skips DNS
> when the proxy is an IP address instead of a name. Not sure how hard that
> would be to write a method for "isAnIP" - the regex pattern for that might
> introduce some other unexpected behavior or edge cases.
> I do have an entry in /etc/hosts for localhost as so I am
> surprised that there was an issue when I tried localhost as the proxy server
> name.
> What was different in jmeter 2.x that allowed the proxy and the dns manager
> to work so well together?

The change was introduced with bug 57447, where it was explicitly requested to
ignore the systems normal dns configuration.

I think we could re-enable the usage for the static host entries as a last

On a different subject. Why did you put so many dns servers in your resolver

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