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Subject [Bug 61176] Content-Encoding gzip will prevent cache manager to cache embedded resources
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 15:31:08 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Thomas Hoffmann <> ---

thanks for the analysis.

I have checked the documentation of mod_deflate:

"The mod_deflate module sends a Vary: Accept-Encoding HTTP response header to
alert proxies that a cached response should be sent only to clients that send
the appropriate Accept-Encoding request header. This prevents compressed
content from being sent to a client that will not understand it."

So when using the mod_deflate module, caching in JMeter doesn't work any more.
As this module is very common, I consider this feature as quite important.

According to
over 70% of the websites are using compression. This means that JMeter caching
is not working for over 70% of the websites (without modifying server

Prevent caching was introduced with this ticket:

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