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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Getting HTTP 407 Proxy Authentication is Required
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2017 17:06:49 GMT
Am 24.05.2017 um 17:53 schrieb tanuj wadhawan:
> Hi There,
> I am getting HTTP 407 Proxy authentication is required while replaying jmeter script
for internet based website hosted outside client network from virtual machine.
> Please find below behavior observed while replaying:-
> 1.) Getting above error message while replaying even on first sample.
> 2.) Manually launching the application first and then replaying jmeter script, it replays
for 10 min to 15 min then throwing the same error.
> Could you please assist me on this.
I am guessing here: You have a proxy, that authenticates using cookies 
-- or even using the client ip address.

When you record your application, you record the cookie -- that the 
application  got on authenticating. If you replay now, that cookie may 
be valid for a short period (10 - 15 min) and your replay succeeds. In 
all other cases, the cookie is stale and your tests fail.

Same would be true if the proxy uses the client ip address. The 
difference here would be, that you will see nothing in the recorded 
script :(

Try to figure out, what you have to do to authenticate to your proxy and 
include these steps into your test.


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