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Subject [Bug 61122] GraphiteBackendListenerClient hierarchical sampler name
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 16:29:48 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Brahma <> ---
Thanks for the reply.

With InfluxDB Client I am running into other road blocks. Granted, it might be
that I have to learn a little more about Grafana to overcome those.
Nevertheless, I will explain the problem.

With the InfluxDB Client, they have changed the measurement name to a fixed
property in the Client. With Graphite, the measurement name in the influx
database would be something like "rootPrefix.SamplerName.a.ok" (we set
rootPrefix to something like PE-1114). In Grafana, I can simply choose "Alias
By = $1" to get the SamplreName in the legend. Switching to InfluxDB Client,
the measurement name comes out as a static "measurement" (like, "PE-1114"). We
end up with just one measurement in the database no matter how many samplers I
have in the test. The actual sampler name is recorded in the tag value for the
tag key = "transaction". Now, I am not sure how to read that transaction string
and parse it with a period separator to pass it to the legend text in the plot.

I hope this is clear.

The other option is for me to wait until an example dashboard is created by
Grafana or some other expert with InfluxDB Client / JMeter combination for a


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