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Subject [Bug 61050] Crash in JMeterUtils due to null ResourceBundle in method getResStringDefault while trying to use DurationAssertion
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2017 05:57:21 GMT

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Hi Phillippe,

I understand the sentiment, but while digging up in the JMeter code I found out
that in in Class JMeterUtils and method getResStringDefault the bundle is
assigned the reference of resources object as ResourceBundle bundle =
resources;, now the resources object is initialized only if the locale is set,
if not set then the bundle is null and that then before accessing the bundle
the check of it being not null is not checked. which causes the crash.

now if this is designed like this then setting locale is mandatory but if not
then I think won't it be a good option to do a null check before using the
object and if found null then setting locale using system default values.??
This was the query in my mind with which I raised the bug.

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