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Subject [Bug 60687] Make GUI more responsive when it gets a lot of events
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2017 12:58:54 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Vladimir Sitnikov <> ---
Felix> Could you be a bit more specific here?

For instance,
1) Things like "model.insertRow" do require to be executed on the AWT thread.
I'm not sure how hard it could break, however accessing UI thread on the hot
path is bad.

2) Table rendering code (that is run on the UI thread) accesses computed values
without any synchronization. This might result in word tearing, stale values,
unexpected division by zero, etc.

Felix> Right. Get swing out of the path and be happy.

This kind of change would likely to heal 1 above, however it might look like a
"complete rewrite of the relevant listener code".

Even if we move swing calls out of hot path, we would still need some fast way
to aggregate values.
For instance, "Total" row could be computed "on UI refresh" to avoid global
synchronization of all the threads.

>From one point of view this might look like a over engineering, on the other
hand, that might be reused for "non-gui console mode" listeners.

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