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Subject [Bug 59995] Allow user to change font size with 2 new menu items and use "jmeter.hidpi.scale.factor" for scaling fonts
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2017 22:07:10 GMT

--- Comment #17 from Graham Russell <> ---
Sorry, by "before" do you mean JM 3.1 and trunk or do you mean between rev
1780244 and 1782519 or 1782571?

I've also noticed that if you use the ctrl + scrollwhell to increase it stops
zooming (in or out) once a scrollbar appears and you have to zoom out (many
times) using the menu before the scrollbar disappears.

Maybe this could be fixed (or at least helped) by setting a max zoom level?

You can also zoom very far out, which also doesn't seem so useful.

My current opinion of this feature on Mint is that it isn't an improvement as
it stands - it appears that only some of the title text changes size.

A reset zoom option might also be very useful.


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