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Subject [Bug 60589] Migrating LogKit to SLF4J - Drop avalon, logkit and excalibur with backward compatibility for 3rd party modules.
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2017 08:22:30 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Woonsan Ko <> ---

I think the PR is now ready for review:

Here's what I did with this PR in summary:
- Removing dependencies on logkit, excalibur, avalon and commons-logging.
- Adding slf4j and log4j dependencies.
- Forking minimal logkit interfaces/classes in jorphan module.
- setting system properties for log4j2 configuration file
location and the log file path (referenced by system property lookup in
log4j2.xml files).
- Migrating logging properties (in jmeter*.properties) to log4j2*.xml files
with equivalent comments and examples.
- Remove logkit initialization in LoggingManager and update it to return slf4j
logger wrapper simply.
- Fixing some unit tests accordingly as logkit LogTarget is not available in
unit testing any more.
- Implement LoggerPanel based on new logging mechanism for full backward
- Keep supporting -j command line option to allow log file setting. Almost full
backward compatibility. 'LAST' value is dropped since this option handling
happens before GUI initialized.
- Keep supporting -L command line option to allow log level setting. Full
backward compatibility.
- Introduce -i command line option to allow to change log4j2 configuration file
location by command line argument as well as the default log4j2 system property
- Minimal updates in getting started documentation.

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