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Subject [Bug 60505] Correct JaCaCo setup wich was broken by downgrading ant to V 1.8.2
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2016 21:00:49 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Thomas Schapitz <> ---
As for the duplicate main class:
Where do you see this? Unless its actually causing problems in your setup (in
mine, it doesn't) I assume you are puzzled by the content of the sessionid for
the jacoco agent.

The jacoco sessionId, wich is defaulted by jacoco, may be replaced with an
abitrary string. I used this to pass in some of the execution data. This helps
to keep track of the tests, that have contributed to a coverage report. Note
that the whole content of <jvmarg value="${jacoco_params}my custom session
identifier" /> will be passed as one parameter to the jvm, including any
Take a look at the Attachment 34546 to see what I mean.

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