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Subject [Bug 60505] Correct JaCaCo setup wich was broken by downgrading ant to V 1.8.2
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2016 21:30:45 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Thomas Schapitz <> ---

I noted you had some trouble with this, so an explanation might be helpfull:
The jumble of charcacters inserted after ${jacoco_params} serves as a session
As you noted yourself, ant properties can be set only once, so it will not do
the changing string into ${jacoco_params} - this would yield the same session
id for all invokations.

Additional things fixed:
- upgraded to jacoco 0.7.8
- removed the xmlns:if="ant:if" wich is is unavailable in ant < 1.9.1

Things you might want to know for your sonar integration introduced with SVN
Rev 1774875:
- instead of rexecuting the junit task in complete-junit, it might just do to
depend on the
target 'coverage' in your target 'sonar'. In addition to executing the unit
tests in both headed and headless mode,
it also exercises the batch tests.

- registration of the jacoco ant tasks has been implemented before in
_coverage.prepare, and may be reused by depending
on this target.

- the corresponding namespace registration is already present on the project

I added the html report showing the sessions for illustration.

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