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From Graham Russell <>
Subject Menu item ordering
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2017 18:36:27 GMT
Hi all

Currently the menus are ordered alphabetically, which is fine for
small menus, and better than not at all for the large ones, however I
think we can do better.

If the menu has more than 4-5 items in it I think we should split it
up into chunks of 5-7 with the most popular (e.g. HTTP Request
Sampler) at the top. I hope this would ease a bit of RSI for users and
help improve the usability.

Any thoughts?

Having looked at the code it seems the menus are built by looking at
the classes, does adding an annotation with "sort order" and maybe
"group" make sense or is there a better way to dictate the order of
items in the menus?



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