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From vlsi <>
Subject [GitHub] jmeter issue #231: WIP: timer that produces poisson arrivals with given cons...
Date Sat, 23 Dec 2017 17:04:46 GMT
Github user vlsi commented on the issue:
    >Is it really supposed to be exact ?
    Let me ask another question: "is thread scheduler=120sec supposed to make the test to
last exactly 120 seconds"?
    Note: **timers do not limit the number of samples** in JMeter. If you want to limit the
number of iterations (e.g. to make exactly 10000 samples), you'd use additional counter or
something like that.
    1) When I try "startupdelay=0, duration=120sec, threads=10, throughput=10000", I get 10011
samples in the aggregate report. I think it good enough to be considered exact.
    Note: target throughput is 10000/120=83.3 samples/sec.  11samples/(10000/120)=0.13 sec.
That is those 11 "extra" samples can be due to 130ms spent on initialization/finalization
of the test (e.g. in between "test started" and "threads started")
    2) "exact number of samples" makes sense for cases like 10-100-1000 per HOUR, not 5000
per minute.  I don't think there are requirements to aim for "exactly 10000 per minute". In
case there are that requirements, I would still discuss that in a separate PR as it would
be tightly related with thread startup time, etc.
    Have you tried to test rates like 0.5...1 per second?


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