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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Roadmap 2016/2017
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:25:59 GMT
Am 27.07.2016 um 14:41 schrieb Philippe Mouawad:
> Hello,
> I think we should work on a roadmap for JMeter to ensure:
> - we prioritize some urgent work on it.
> - we give visibility on future of JMeter to users
> I see the following things from most to less urgent:
> - http2 support. We depend on httpclient for this
+1 but I think it is httpclient or jdk where the work is.
> - possible rework of core architecture to at least introduce a pool of
> threads or switch to async model allowing us to take advantage of async io
lot of work (I think really a lot of work), but it is probably a worthy 
goal for the long run

> - start a migration to JavaFX , a good opportunity would be to replace the
> old browser used for html rendering
replacement of the browser component with javafx is a good thing.

Replacement of every thing? I don't know. Will javafx really be the next 
big java gui? Would it be worth trying to get to a html/http gui and get 
rid of swing completely?

For the near future:

* get a bugfix release of 3.0
* complete migration to httpclients new api
* make recording of jsf sites easier
* discuss replacement of logging framework
* look at memory consumption of the tree view listener
   ideas where:
     - store only the last/first X entries
     - store only marked entries (might be a header field)

> As side features:
> - DSL ?
nice idea, but this is a lot of work
> - JSON format instead of XMLfor jmx plans if dsl is too heavy change ?
I think xml has served us well. Every other format has to prove, that it 
really can compete.
> - Fix undo /redo feature
+1 for looking at undo/redo

> - ...
> Ideas welcome
> Regards
> Philippe M.

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