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From sebb <>
Subject real-time results docs - unclear
Date Fri, 06 May 2016 10:43:21 GMT
Just read real-time results [1]

I don't understand the following sentences:

1) When percentile contains a comma for example "99.9", dot is
sanitized by "_" leading to 99_9.

The sentence refers to 'comma' however the example does not include a
comma. Huh?

Why should there be any need to sanitize the percentile?

2) By default JMeter sends only metrics for all samplers using "all"
as samplerName.

Does this mean that JMeter matches the label 'all' by default?
Or something else?

3) You can input as many percentiles as you want (3 or 4 being a
reasonable value).

It's not clear how to provide multiple entries, unless it is
referrring to the "percentiles" field on the GUI? In which case, it
would make more sense for the GUI description to mention the suggested
limit of 3 or 4 percentiles.

4) The rootMetricsPrefix defaults to "jmeter.". In the description,
the names are shown as

Does this mean that the names are actually of the form:


It would be helpful to have some actual example names.


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