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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: [GitHub] jmeter pull request: Use explicit timeout for TestDNSCacheManager,...
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2016 17:22:58 GMT
>So does that mean that PRs are mutable?

Of course they are.

1) If you access PR via git interface, you have immediate visibility
that PR is updated.
There's no way to mutate the contents of a commit. Its Id would have
to be updated.
2) In UI, commits/comments are ordered by date, so it is
obvious when commit
was created afterwards.

Just go ahead and check that my commit is below Philippe's comment:

Note: each commit is immutable, however one can update the PR with
_another_ set of commits.
That is useful for:
1) Corrections for code review
2) Merging multiple commits into a single one.

For instance, Philippe's
consists of 7 commits,
however I do not see much value in publishing 7 "work-in-progress" commits.
Well, it might make sense if you publish one, then another (so other
can see the diff),
but in general single commit per feature makes more sense for me.


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