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From sebb <>
Subject JMX size (was svn commit: r1736119 - /jmeter/trunk/src/components/org/apache/jmeter/visualizers/backend/
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 13:32:19 GMT
On 25 March 2016 at 12:42, Antonio Gomes Rodrigues <> wrote:
> Hi Sebb,
> Thanks to your quick answer, now it's more cleare to me
> If file size is a problem, I don't think to keep xml format is a good idea

I didn't write that size was a problem, merely that not saving
defaults means smaller files.
[Though of course this only applies to the default cases]

Besides, I don't think there's much wasted text in the JMX format.
And there is a very good library for reading it (XStream).

XStream has lots of useful features including aliasing.
for example, guiclass="ThreadGroupGui" actually instantiates

Remember that the JMX file has to be unpacked into Java classes with
all their fields.

Also of course changing the format would break compatibilty.
There would have to be *compelling* reasons for doing so.
It would be a lot of work for developers and a lot of changes for users.
And it would break some 3rd party products.

> Antonio

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