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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Ease setup for new comers wishing to contribute
Date Sat, 05 Dec 2015 11:41:51 GMT
On 5 December 2015 at 09:25, Philippe Mouawad
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> I open this thread to discuss what could be done to favor new comers
> contributions and increase patches contributions.
> After discussion with colleagues that came recently on project with a
> "Standard project" background, the following ideas came:
>    - Ease IDE Setup (see below for details)
>    - Change to mention GITHUB mirror
>    , the link would be renamed to Source Repositories


>    - Add fork us on Github on project if acceptable by Apache policy


>    - Create a Developers page similar to
>, explaining how to
>    contribute a PR


>    - Find an alternative to Ant


> Ease IDE Setup:
> Regarding IDE Setup and particularly Eclipse:
> 1/ As we don't have Maven (mvn eclipse:eclipse) setting up Dev Environment
> for new comers is not a nowadays "standard".
> Maybe Graddle could be an alternative (Maven having been set aside in a
> previous dev discussion), it allows providing Eclipse Project Model, is
> used by big projects like Spring Frameworks and seems to be very flexible ,
> using Groovy

Yes, it is flexible, but it is hard to get it right for such a large
code base as JMeter.

My experience of it is that it can be very hard to find out where
things are happening.
Precisely because of the flexibility.

> 2/ If we decide to stay on Ant, we should have an HTML page instead of
> eclipse.readme which can easily be missed.


> The page should be enhanced to mention requirements like Java 7 and
> Compiler compliance level....

Of course.

> 3/ Running JUnit tests should also be documented, particularly running them
> directly from IDE


Some of the tests don't work very well from the IDE and need
additional settings.
There is an abstract test class that tries to fix these issues but
it's not fully integrated.

> 4/ If we stay with Ant, why not also distribute eclipse.project so that we
> could create an ant task that:

The problem is that the Eclipse .project file varies between installations.
If the developer adds Findbugs or Checkstyle etc that will affect the
.project file.
Likewise if they have several JDKs and JMeter is not using the default.

However it would be possible to create a default one if it does not exist.
It may need tweaking.

> a) renames eclipse.classpath to .classpath

-1 to rename; copy would be OK if it does not already exist

> b) renames eclipse.project to .project

-1 to rename; copy would be OK if it does not already exist

> c) Call  download_jars ,

-1, this must be a separate action.
It's important that users 'agree' to the download.

However the Eclipse copy task could print a message to remind users to download.
And vice versa.

> This way project could be imported in Eclipse much more easily and less
> manually

> Regards
> Philippe M.

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