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From sebb <>
Subject Update to minimum Java 7
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:14:11 GMT
I think we should require a minimum of Java 7 for the next JMeter release.
(It currently requires 1.6)

This is because:
- Java 7 supports proper certificate generation for the HTTP recorder.
It will probably allow some code simplification.
- the Javadoc vulnerability CVE-2013-1571 has been fixed since Java 7
update 25 (June 2013). We could drop the patch.
- any others?

Of course Java 7 is just about EOL, but I've not yet seen any
compelling reasons to require a minimum of Java 8. If there are such
reasons (other than Java 7 is EOL) please raise them here.

A very minor consideration is that Javadoc 7 seems to have been fixed
to generate lower-case HTML tags - e.g. <table> rather than <TABLE>. I
assume that will remain the case. So there will be a once-off SVN
difference when older API docs are replaced with new ones.

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