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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Create Macro Feature was Post-Sampler Timers
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 23:29:24 GMT
On 7 May 2015 at 00:09, Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:
>> There's an easy work round - just update the input file.
> This WA is not usable (explained in 1,2,3 below).
> 0) I believe the need is common. Basically, every scenario that cannot
> reuse input data has to deal with the issue.
> Even readonly scenarios might need that feature.
> For instance, for "search" cases it is better not to reuse search
> conditions to ensure you are measuring "non-cached" response times.

As far as I am aware, there has been little or no demand for this on
the user lists.

> 1) It it complicated when you need to restart a load that has 5-10 input files.
> When you restart the test, there might be other more important
> activities, so "trimming rows from csv files" diverts attention from
> really important stuff (e.g. from cleaning up the application).
> 2) How would you know the number of consumed rows?

>From the log file.

> 3) It does not work when you need to execute a test plan that was
> created by another engineer.
> How would you know which CSVs need to be trimmed and which should not?

Check the documentation that the engineer has provided.

> Compare:
> 1) Stop load. Start load.
> vs
> 1) Stop load
> 2) Find out which files need to be updated
> 3) Trim the files somehow
> 4) Start the test
>>That seems very wasteful; surely it would be simpler just to skip the
> required number of rows when opening the file?
> How would you do that?
> Do you mean creating a new "CSV Really Useful Data Set" component?

No, just add an option to skip a number of rows.
This would obviously only make sense if "reopen at EOF" were false.

This could be a checkbox; if selected, then check if the marker file
is present, and if so skip that many rows.
In any case, write the marker file. Or it might be necessary to
provide the marker file name.

Note that the StringFromFile function has a feature which allows the
use of multiple input files that can be used in sequence.

> Vladimir

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