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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Ultimate Thread Group
Date Tue, 19 May 2015 09:47:32 GMT
>We cannot favour one 3rd party plugin over another

We can/should favour all.

JMeter's front page screams at you with "Highly Extensible core",
while it does not justify the claims.
It would be much better to put references to the relevant sections of
documentations and/or wiki.

"Highly extensible" claim with zero useful extensions is of no use.
We all know there are good extensions, why don't we list some, so
users could easier get feel of the possibilities?

Current JMeter wiki does reference lots of external sources:

Here's what I got right from that

In other words, current JMeter's documentation favours some of the
plugins over another.

>We don't test and cannot recommend particular 3rd party plugins.

At least Philippe, Andrey, and myself use "jmeter plugins" on a regular basis.
I have no idea if JMeter release procedure includes integration
testing with jmeter-plugins, but I believe JMeter should at lest
verify that "new JMeter version does not break plugins".
Obviously, JMeter cannot test against all the possible plugins, but it
is a good idea to test for compatibility with well-known plugins.

I think j-p provides much higher level of quality than "mentioned in
JMeter's documentation", so the reference
to j-p in the JMeter's documentation is well deserved.

Here's what PostgreSQL does in similar case:
1) The list of "external projects" right in the PostgreSQL core
"PostgreSQL is a complex software project, and managing the project is
difficult. We have found that many enhancements to PostgreSQL can be
more efficiently developed separately from the core project."

2) The list with _lots_ of external plugins/articles right in the
official wiki:


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