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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Ultimate Thread Group
Date Mon, 18 May 2015 19:47:41 GMT
I would rather approach it from "best practices" point of view.
Even though experienced users might want different kind of workloads,
I think it makes sense including basic best practices right into the

Well, it would be good if JMeter documentation would suggest "the best
approach for the test in question".
I think it is perfectly reasonable to reference "external plugins"
right in "jmeter core" documentation.
The message is as follows: we see you might need that case, however we
did not include it in core because bla-bla-bla, so you can just grab
that plugin and that will cover your case.

How would users find proper plugin if JMeter's site never mentions
"good and battle-tested" plugins?

For instance, there are two main kinds of load:
1) "X requests per second".  This is somewhat covered by
"in-core throughput shaping timer" does not have "good gui to define
stepping/increasing load".

Both in-core and jmeter-plugins timers canNOT issue "poisson arrival process".
Here's the description why that is important:

2) "X concurrent threads working non-stop".
Frankly speaking, I never use that kind of tests, however I might
agree they might serve their purpose.
This is covered by Ultimate Thread Group.


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