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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Create Macro Feature was Post-Sampler Timers
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 09:56:58 GMT
>The idea of a marker for file looks fine to me to handle the use case.
>@Vladimir is it the case for you ?

That's my case.
One day I faced a case when my ready-to-merge pull request was
rejected with no sensible explanation, thus I always pre-check
committers' opinion.

>I don't see by the way how a "macro" could answer this

In fact, we currently use a combo of CSV Dataset + Loop with CSV
Dataset to get the described behavior.
This is not fully automatic, but it allows to quickly specify the
number of rows to skip.
Although it might look a stretch use for "macros", it a macro in terms
of "using already existing blocks to get new functionality".

>Feel free to create an enhancement request and possibly. provide a patch
implementing it.

I scanned existing issues and found there was exactly this question in
jmeter-users list: ,

It looks like it might make sense implementing the following:

"From "bug 56961"
>'Start from line' defines from what line, in a CSV Data file,
>JMeter will start reading when the first thread requires it.
> Defaults to 1 (one). If set to 0 or below it will start reading from a random line.

Add "remember position" value to 'Start from line' property, so when
used it would store the position in some side file (that is tricky in
terms of picking the proper storage folder for it and avoiding write
on each line fetch).


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