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From sebb <>
Subject Re: About ThreadLocal / Threads / HttpClient in JMeter
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2014 13:22:59 GMT
On 1 September 2014 20:25, Philippe Mouawad <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Working on:
> -
> I am currently stucked.
> To recap the initial issue:
> - To download embedded resources we init and shutdown a ThreadPoolExecutor
> limiting the benefit of a Thread pool to the sole Sampler call.
> - As a side effect (see below) , as this will result in the init of a new
> HttpClient this will not perform fine due to SSLContext eager creation (see
> below)
> So I started working on a patch that:
> - Made the ThreadPoolExecutor static
> - Used a Blocking Queue to limit the number of downloads 1 Sampler can do
> See the attached patch.
> And this is were I hit a problem.
> Indeed we hold in ThreadLocal the HttpClient instance per Thread which each
> thread needs to cleanup at end.
> But with this design when thread ends it cleans up its state, this is a
> problem:
> - Currently an HttpClient will be reinitialized for each thread of the
> Pool, this init has a cost particularly due to eager init of SSL context ,
> see
> - For the issue, this is a bigger problem, as I need to hold the list of
> HttpSamplerProxy to call threadFinished at end, but this cannot work as the
> list would grow huge accros the lifetime of a thread during a load test
> ending with OOM. It grows huge because each time we call AsyncSample#call
> we clone the HTTPSamplerBase and register it in the list. Furthermore we
> cannot call "threadFinished" at end of Callable call (AsynSample)
> Thinking about the fix I have the following ideas but they require some
> work:
> - First rework HC usage to only use 1 HttpClient for all threads

Also need to move to latest HC version.
I made a start on that, but found some test issues involving POST data
formatting that I have yet to resolve.

> - Rework ThreadLocal usage:
> * Currently we use ThreadLocal 47 times but the use is split among 2 Use
> case:
>  1) One is to improve performance, this one looks OK to me
>  2) One is in fact a way to associate User Data to Thread , the thread
> being in fact a User. I think we should rework those Thread Locals and move
> them to a singleton that would be keyed on userId (could be a simple
> increased number associated to thread). Doing so would allow us in the
> future to move from Threads to a ThreadPool.

I think we need to distinguish JMeter threads and Java threads here.
JMeter threads correspond to Users.
So one way to deal with this issue would be to associate some data
with the JMeterThread class instances.
Either by using the class instance as the key, or by adding data to
the class itself.
We would need to be careful to ensure access is thread-safe as the
data might be used by multiple Java threads.
Also need to be careful to clean up the data when the JMeterThread finishes.

> Thoughts ?
> Regards
> Philippe
> @philmdot

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